Man oh MAN do I love the hours leading up to 9pm on a Friday afternoon.

Having said that I get to write some personal stuff today instead of just discussing raw technology, so that’s fun.

So the task is to talk about a highlight from the history of 3D Graphics, and I’m going to use this opportunity to talk about my personal introduction to 3D. I could talk about something obvious here like Toy Story, or that one game I played on my Father’s PC when I was 4, but what really got me interested in 3D, especially in gaming, was the Nintendo 64. To be a but more specific, I’ll say Super Mario 64, because it wasn’t just influential to me as a child, but was also Mario’s first proper 3D outing, and that was big news for the industry.

This was not the first 3D game by far, but it was the most influential at the time, as far as the industry was concerned. Suddenly the world had an extra dimension to explore, one that could no longer be ignored. Huge sprawling levels required a completely new set of controls for navigation, that would shape gaming hardware for years to come.

“But Hamish, what does that have to do with animation?”

Lots. This is the game that brought consumer confidence in 3D to the home gaming system. This is the reason there are so many 3D professionals finding work in games today. 3D was there, people were doing cool stuff with it since the late 80s, but Mario made polygon graphics the future of games.

End of nostalgia-gush.

And now for something completely different.

Hey, I could make this lead into a game dev blog, but I won’t (and not just because I can’t find the people I want to talk about). I’m going to talk about current Weta and previous Doublenegative/ Animallogic animator Brendan Body. I found he worked on a lot of my favourite scenes from Hellboy 2 (toothfairies anyone?), and has also worked on big productions like Happy Feet, The Amazing Spiderman and the latest Hobbit film.  But mostly, if I was going to work in film one day I’d love to do something like what Brendan got to do on Pacific Rim. I’ve embedded his show-reel from the film below.

End of fanboy-gush.


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