Hey, so this is the where the end result went for the chest.

Not going to spend a lot of time going over animation for the scene, as everyone is going to be doing much the same thing for their dancing crabs and chest drops I imagine, and the lighting and rendering I used were just as was recommended in the tutorial videos.

Just going to touch briefly on the flag from the flag from the end of the video. The steps I used to render it are very similar to the video embedded below, but I’ve used a ‘garment’ setting instead of that for silk. The material settings for the UV on the flag are also a set of ink’n’paint, as it matched the rest of the scene quite easily without having to greatly alter the diffuse map in any way.

I felt I got a lot out of this project, having never touched 3DS Max before. I feel quite familiar with most of the major facets of the interface now, and that it will be a valuable tool both for 3D modelling and speed animating in the future.

So here it is, in all it’s Monkey Island’ glory.

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