This is going to be mainly a dev blog for the first three weeks with some personal reflection.

New trimester, new project going straight in. The task is to provide the title sequence to a redesigned ‘Seven Samurai’ for a modern TV audience. My role on the project is primarily managerial, while also contributing to the assets.

Much of the initial planning aspects were lay down by Vanja in the first week via the project plan which have since been built upon by myself, Vanja and Adam. The primary project document in this is a collaborative effort of ourselves as the three senior students with appended documentation such as the weekly planning and risk analysis (myself via gannter and the ever updating project plan) tracking of tasks (being handled by Adam via google docs) and art direction (Vanja via art bible and much of the concepting).

Updating Gantt Chart
Seven Samurai Updating Gantt Chart

The project is running on a loose scrum format run in weekly sprints, employing a gantt chart as a visual format for scheduling. Tasks are being assigned primarily to match the strengths of individual group members. So far this has been a largely effective method for getting the desired results each week, with each group member contributing well to the task and communicating well to other members during the weekly face-to-face meetings and regularly across the week via the slack platform. At some times confusion or concerns have arisen in regards to assigned task but in general this has been resolved quickly via communications online.

slack 3
Team Communication :)slack2 Team Communication 🙂

As it stands the project is very close to the point it was originally projected to be at in the initial timeline created in week one.