I seem to spend my life writing catch-up. Oh well, I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Herein lies design concepts for a rebooted imagining of the Norse Poetic Edda, told from the perspective of Loki’s first three children living in a burgeoning, overpopulated, punk-futuristic version of Hel. It makes sense to my mind, might do some more with it at a later date (Christmas holidays coming up and all that). This post is mostly just an image dump, the followup next week will have more solid contents relating to photoshop techniques, as I’ve watched a fair few good tutorials going through this, and I’ll at least be redoing the backdrop for Hel City, if not a second landscape piece, using some good photobashing/ image stamping techniques I’ve been researching (thanks Katie and Lachlan).


Hela, Queen of Hel

Above is most of the hardened concepting (though I just plain ditched a few of the worse sketches) for Hela in relation to stature, physique and armour/ clothing and weaponry, which are drawn from elements classically attributed to her as a character. Traditionally she is physically half dead, with sources generally arguing as to how exactly the dead half is split I just took liberties and made it split vertically. Hel is remarked to set her table with a plate called hunger and a knife known as famine. For this interpretation these items are her shield, and a weapon I have yet to settle on. Given the time and setting I’ve outline what I’m trying to create is some form of hybrid weapon which is simultaneously a firearm and a melee weapon. She is attributed to sporting a solemn expression at all times.

Below are some more recent sketches I’ve done for refining Hel head. I’ve tried to make the dead half more interesting with a jagged bone motif, playing with horn shapes and inner glows for the eye. From feedback I receive from peers I plan to iterate the more favourable points from the concepts presented here and have her final design completed before the week is out.


Fenrir, The Bound

Fenrir as most commonly known is the first son of Loki, a great and terrifying wolf, who is fated to swallow Odin come Ragnarok. Prior to this however the gods bind him in chains made of things which do not exist. While I appreciate the strength of the allegory relating to these items, what I’m aiming to achieve is a possible physical state for the binding, embodied in Fenrir himself being warped to match their origin. Below is the most recent concept I have so far in this regard. The first iterations aren’t really worth displaying, given I was simply drawing him as a living shadow to Hela ala Peter Pan. I’d like to think this is more interesting.


New Hel, Capital of Nifilheim

Thumbnailing for New Hel - Street level
Thumbnailing for New Hel – Street level

Living in the mostly barren realm of Nifilheim, where the gods cast her to oversee the dishonored dead. Because this scenario takes place about 200 years from the present date billions of people from the realm of Midgard (Earth) have passed away peacefully, forcing the city to expand beyond the horizons to accommodate the infinite masses of people judge too meek to join the gods in Asgard. New Hel as such has become the trade Capital of the nine realms, the overly dense population and general lack of food leading to desperation driving an expanding industry. The city encompasses all, old collapsing mega-structures giving way to the continuous erection of new gleaming skyscrapers. To bring this design into a more specific location my main concept is for Hela’s office overlooking all this, but to practice the techniques mention initially in my post I’ll also likely create a second piece in the next week of an appropriate city-scape.

Planning for the Office, ready for further painting. The landscape outside the window will be replaced.
Planning for the Office, ready for further painting. The landscape outside the window will be replaced.