So this project ultimately gets to take it’s place in the ‘unfinished’ pile, with a tentative nod to the ‘may eventually be finished’.

Firstly, here are the final designs for Fenrir and Hela:

Fenrir overall didn’t change drastically from the previous stage of development. Mostly he became a bit more fetid looking, lost a few inches off his waist (length-wise), grew some golden, mechanical legs (I know I need practice painting metals, it’s on a long list) and gained a more literal spectral representation of the chains which so imprison him.

There were a couple of points in his design where I gave more emphatic license to his bird-like features, but I eventually dropped the idea as it was taking too strongly from his overall wolfishness. Adding the ears back also helped even out the lupine silhouette.


Hela’s final outfit was the product of a bit of a design journey. After toying with the idea of having two variations with a ‘business’ versus ‘serious (violent) business’ aesthetic, the latter of which drawing heavily upon high sci-fi, I eventually settled on a single design which had a bit more situational neutrality that was backed up by traditional Norse stylings presented with a couple of psuedo-futuristic influences. The jacket overcoat draws influence from elements of the last 1000 or so years of northern European militaristic dress-garb. I brought the cavernous hood back from her earlier designs to even out her silhouette somewhat with the heaviness of the layered dresses.


For the ‘knife’ Famine (all heroes need a cool named weapon after all) I combined the bone staff from my earlier concept with the idea of employing a variant of modernised automatic weaponry to create a sort of haphazard mash of the grim reaper meets SWAT suppression tactics.

What I didn’t get to incorporate however was the idea of using Hunger (Hela’s fabled plate) as a shield, as I had previously mentioned. What I was instead going to do was have it retired on the wall of her office in the 3d scene, but in the end I ran into issues and subsequently ran out of time adding small details such as that to the scene. That now lies within the aforementioned ‘may eventually be finished’ pile.

As for environments what I ended with is rather unfinished but the process for creating quick concepts was an interesting point to begin exploring. Given that Hel was supposed to be a megacity I followed from advice given from this article from imagine FX magazine, taking photo of structures from existing cities (in this case Brisbane and Auckland), pulling the shapes from the alphas in Photoshop and using them to quickly construct a composition for a new environment to be painted over. That unfortunately was about as far as I got with it, elements of the paintover being pretty sparse. It did serve a purpose though in becoming the backdrop for the 3d scene for Hela’s office I then constructed in Unreal 4.

Oh, and I did up something to have on the wall in that scene as well.