So this is the end of studio and its a good time to reflect upon where I’ve gotten to and where to go from here. In the last year I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at a variety of skills, from concepting, to character design, game animation, sculpting, hard surface modelling, texturing for a differing styles, environment composition, lighting for a variety of situations and creating renders for final delivery. At the end of the day though my portfolio is sparse on content (that I’m willing to put my name to) and in the coming months this is imperative to the next step of gainful employment. This means my next step is to create some refined examples to display my knowledge with polish and flair. To improve my practice going forward I’ll be focusing specifically on the following skills.

Sculpting for Realism

I adopted ZBrush very early in studio as a solution to a good deal of my high-poly needs in regards to characters and organic set pieces, as well as detailing on other objects I produced through more conventional methods. Although I’ve picked up a good deal just through practice and association with the program, I feel my work is still lacking in professional touches and I’ve yet to achieve that truly alive feeling in any of my work till this point.

Sculpt for Nathan Drake by Frank Tzeng, Lead Character Artist at Naughtydog

Going forward I want to make ZBrush an integral showing point of my skill set, and develop more complete pieces to add to my portfolio that display a thorough understanding of artistic principles and how they can then be adapted for production of real-time use assets. By the end of the year I plan to have a character sculpted to a standard (similar) to that shown above. To achieve this I’m going to be working through more in depth tutorials focusing on complex muscle and bone anatomy, beginning with the following.

Hard Surface Techniques

Particularly important for improving my work for the upcoming release of our game Incapacitor. I need to greatly increase my workflow efficiency for hard surface production, with the intent of having adaptable skills that can apply to both characters and set pieces.

My Gun

I’ve been following Tor Frick for a while, and think his tutorials have a lot to offer in this regard. His Modo workflow is insanely fast, and I might pick the program up in the future, but in the meantime I’m going to be making a point of working in as much as I can to my 3DS Max work, hopefully increasing quality in time for release.

 The Gun My Gun Could Look Like


Given how little has gone on in the last year I almost feeling like saying ‘The A word’ is a dirty thing at this point. Part of my responsibilities in the aforementioned upcoming game is to rig and animate robotic characters. I’ve not invested enough time for my liking into character animation in my time at SAE so far and I feel this is a major shortcoming, especially given it doesn’t yet feature in my portfolio. In order to get the best result for the task at hand and to give me further skills into the future I will be looking into more complex rigging techniques and a good deal of reference for mechanized posturing. And hopefully some more organic personal stuff in there too.

At the end of the day I’m just shooting to improve quality. I’ve come a long way in two years but this is only a starting point. From a soft-skills standpoint my poor time management has cut majorly into every other facet of the way I work. In a way I have more reasons to update now that I’m no longer posting to meet a grade, but rather just for myself, so I’ll be making a concerted effort from here on out to make this blog a hosting space for content updates.

Onward and upward, etc.

References (These will be APA soon)